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available now: litanic mask "vampire" LP, digital
limited vinyl left: born gold "little sleepwalker" LP, digital

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sons of magdalene
'move to pain'
12" vinyl LP, CD

Debut full-length from Josh Eustis' (Telefon Tel Aviv) new project, Sons of Magdalene.


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litanic mask
12" almost white vinyl LP (ltd to 300 copies)

The record begins with an arpeggiated electronic pulse and plunging 808, evidencing an appreciation for ATL/CHI street rap production within icy, mannered synthpop...


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2x12" vinyl LP (ltd to 500 copies)

The-Drum create a potent aural intoxicant by accentuating the weirdness of R&B and rap influences. Fusing sensuous atmospheres with woozy dissonance, the rising Chicago duo's dazzling 21st century quiet storm links disparate elements and genres in an earnest fashion giving the same credence to Three 6 Mafia as Art of Noise that could only be a product of these times.
Their debut full-length Contact is a provocative offering, smoothing out footwork's freneticism and rendering mutant strains of R&B vaporous. Breaking free of the confines of urban pop and contemporary club structures, Contact finds the duo at their most hypnotic and fluid. A transition hinted at on their Sense Net EP, The-Drum perfects manipulating space and nuance throughout the slow-burning, weightless Contact.


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vinyl available now. prices are postage paid.
born gold
'little sleepwalker'
12" vinyl LP (ltd to 300 copies)

Little Sleepwalker is a hermetic but rewarding journey through club and pop music signifiers carefully repurposed as something more insubordinate. Grounded by an omnivorous beatscape spanning techno, juke, commercial pop, garage, shoegaze, club rap, and house, the record is a surreal and compellingly odd universe to itself that demands revisitation.

Born Gold is the experimental pop project of Cecil Frena.


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vinyl available now. prices are postage paid.
'heavy liquid'
12" white vinyl ep (ltd to 300 copies)

sexed-up sci-fi r&b from the chicago duo, the-drum.


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vinyl available now. prices are postage paid.
lotus plaza / nice weekend
split 10" black vinyl (ltd to 500 copies)

In anticipation of lotus plaza's forthcoming full length on kranky, we present you with a very special 10" featuring Deerhunter's lockett pundt. The A-side, "come back" is a 9-minute pop dream in classic Lotus Plaza style. The flip finds lockett collaborating with his fiancee, Shayda Yavari on a blown-out garage romp of a tune.


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vinyl available now. prices are postage paid.
'charade is gold'
12" yellow vinyl with custom-folded sleeve

all string synths and spring verb, 'charade is gold' is an analog dream. nothing less than some of the finest classically-orchestrated synthetic pop of the 30 odd years people have been attempting it.

pulseprogramming videos: snowmaps on paper and first they fire

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'two agents'
2x12" black vinyl with gatefold sleeve

8 brand new songs from the always awesome signaldrift.

more info and audio: signaldrift myspace

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a side: 'frost'
b side: 'legend'
7" black vinyl w/ silver foil emboss sleeve

2 pop tracks from the unstoppable goth juke outfit, salem. one side sung by heather, the flip by john. limited to 500 copies.

more info and audio: s4lem.com or myspace
watch video legend
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vinyl is sold out
'infinity padlock'
digipak cd

4 new nudge tracks exclusive to audraglint. two tracks with honey singing, two with brian singing.

more info and audio: kranky or myspace
watch video war song
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available now. prices are postage paid.
atlas sound
'i'll be your mirror b/w unicorn rainbow odyssey'
'requiem for all the lonely teenagers with passed out moms b/w cobwebs'
2008 tour 7"s colored vinyl
ag118 / ag119

bradford picked these four songs from his blog to have us make 7"s for this year's atlas sound tour, and we have some left! one 7" is opaque pink vinyl and the other is opaque orange and they have color co-ordinated fabric sleeves. these are superhott and will be gone soon.

more info and audio: bradford's blog or kranky
vinyl is sold out.
tim hecker
10"ep black vinyl

22 minutes of music, 2 new tracks exclusive to audraglint.

more info and audio: www.sunblind.net/
vinyl is sold out.
available thru iTunes
grizzly bear
'sorry for the delay: the early recordings'
12"mini-lp white vinyl

7 (early) songs of sad lo-fi pop. this is your new favorite band.

listen: "sure thing"
more info and audio: grizzly-bear.net
vinyl is sold out.
available thru iTunes
audraglint 5 year anniversary compilation
digipack cd

all audraglint exclusive tracks by: signaldrift / strategy / nudge / tarwater / the sems / magwheels / valet / caural / kid606 & dwane sodabherk / grizzly bear / orange and allred / monston vcr / stars as eyes / mome raths / mountain tops / one human minute / marc hellner / charles atlas / front machine / bugskull
listen: orange and allred "sy block"

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the blow remixed by strategy and caro
'the love that i crave'
12" maxi-single
ag114 / hcm01 (split-release with holocene music)

We plucked a jewel from the blow album, 'poor aim: love songs' [K records] and handed it to two of our favorite northwest producers to give it it a rub. The results have left listeners rabid, muttering things like astonishing...
We think it's some of the hookiest electronic pop ever.
amazing dancefloor remixes by strategy and caro
more info and audio: thetouchmefeeling.com

purchase mp3s at kompakt.
available now. all prices postage paid.
nice nice
digipack cd

hijack riddims and fuzz guitar frenzy.
drones, bowed cymbals and jeep beats.
handclaps, chants and a healthy dose of positivity.
all this, plus amazing remixes by stars as eyes, caural and dj/rupture

listen: nice nice "uh-oh"
reviews: brianwashed, lost at sea
more info and audio: nicenice.net

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available now. prices are postage paid.
digipack cd

You’ll find yourself “remembering” an 80's movie soundtrack of granular string sweeps, detuned guitars, and a raucous vintage drum-machine collection, when in fact such a thing never existed; Signaldrift can make you nostalgic for a past of his own invention.
listen: signaldrift "missed but hopeful"
reviews: textura, de:bug

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kid 606
side a 'sugarcoated'
side b 'forstevereichandjeffmills'
10"ep white vinyl

miguel sets down the rocket launcher and gets light for us.
available now!

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charles atlas remixed
'fabricate' remixes of the album worsted weight
digipack cd

the ochre records release "worsted weight" by charles atlas was beautiful. these remixers have made it beautiful in their own way.
sybarite / casino vs japan / the telescopes / pram / park avenue music / signaldrift / strategy / isan / stendec / magnetophone / marconi union / isan / tele:funken / nudge. in that order. smooth.

listen: charles atlas remixed by isan "elysium"

prices are postage paid.
charles atlas
side a 'stone[d] in brackish pool'
side b 'the deadest bar'
10"ep white vinyl

if you sat in a meadow and watched the sun rise on a summer morning, it would sound a lot like this. peaceful and quiet.

prices are postage paid.
the sems
digipack cd

first audraglint cd! the sems play really catchy lo-fi pop. yup, its got hooks and the kids love it.
listen: the sems "plastic boats"
more info and audio: myspace

prices are postage paid.

side a 'ingrid'
side b 'bike'
7" white vinyl

solenoid does the perfect pop single. 'ingrid' is a love song in traditional new wave style, and 'bike' is an electro-popish cover of my favorite syd barrett-era pink floyd song.
solenoid webpage

prices are postage paid.
textile ranch
side a 'the dream of the murderer's ship pulling out'
side b 'the only mountain without snow'
7" white vinyl

beautiful, quiet music of romantic bleakness from glen johnson (piano magic) and paul tornbohm made up from glitchy organic electronics and lush female vocals (sung in and translated to french) by stephanie jaggers and angele david-guillou.
textile ranch webpage

shown in print magazine's 2002 regional design annual. thanks multifresh.

prices are postage paid.

12"ep white vinyl

shown in print magazine's 2002 regional design annual. thanks multifresh.
listen: fontanelle "corrective lenses"

a CD version is available on kranky.

prices are postage paid.
tra la la
side a 'typewriter'
side b 'portia'
7" white vinyl

honey owens co-wrote and sang the warm glassy pop that was tra la la; now, she is still a part-time member of jackie-o-motherfucker, a full-time member of nudge, improv partner in world and running solo as valet. brian foote, also in fontanelle and nudge, plays the shmoo-ey keyboards on 'typewriter.'

prices are postage paid.
'14/1 endlos'
7" white vinyl

a 6-song soundtrack for carsten fiebler's movie '14/1 endlos.' performed by tarwater and the deutsches filmorchester babelsberg, summer 1998. recorded at rundfunkstudio nalepastrasse berlin. conducted by bernd wefelmeier. arranged by tarwater and armin pommeranz.

prices are postage paid.
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